The Remako HD Graphics Mod is a mod that tries to improve the pre-rendered backgrounds of Final Fantasy VII.

Major strides have been made in making FF7 look much better through mods. Yet, the pre-rendered field backgrounds have always remained behind. Traditional upscaling such as Waifu2x leaves a lot to be desired and manual remodeling such as Team Avalanche takes a lot of time.

When looking into machine learning to do the upscaling I landed on a great program called AI Gigapixel by Topaz Labs. As you can see in the image below when Gigapixel scales up a picture it fills in the extra details very well, creating a convincing image.

Enhanced image of eye
Example of what AI Gigapixel can do
Initial results were very good and after some more tweaking with the generation algorithm, I ended on a good setup for upscaling FF7’s low-res pre-rendered field backgrounds by 400%. This turned into the Remako mod.

The mod is now released (beta) and can be downloaded here. If you want, you can first see some screenshots and videos.